GSD is presenting new IT solutions for successful hospital management at MEDICA

"First Aid for the Healthcare Industry" is the motto that the Gesellschaft für Systemforschung und Dienstleistungen im Gesundheitswesen (GSD) is using to present the new developments in its IT products i.s.h.med and i.c.m.health at the MEDICA 2006 fair. value.
Hospitals, hospital groups and medical treatment centers can increase the quality of their treatments, improve their efficiency and optimize their processes: They are able to identify financial savings potential in the hospitals and provide increased economic efficiency. Along these lines GSD supports out-patient and in-patient facilities on the path to greater efficiency and quality and frees doctors up from redundant activities—a real added

MEDICA, November 15th–18th, 2006, Düsseldorf (Germany) – GSD: Hall 15, Booth 15B 47

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