German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) e. V.

GHE meeting at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Middle Ruhr District in Bochum about IT trends

This year's summer conference of the German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) eV was held in Bochum on 26 June 2014. At the invitation of the company VISUS Technology Transfer GmbH, GHE-members met in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Middle Ruhr District in Bochum, to learn
together about current export-threads of the Healthcare Sector and IT trends in medical technology.

At the beginning Jörg Holstein, CEO of VISUS Technology Transfer GmbH, reported about the comprehensive product portfolio of the company VISUS. VISUS is a leading supplier of complex picture management solutions in the medicine. They develop software solutions for hospitals, medical centers and specialized medical practices, clinics and medical networks, telemedicine, the health of the woman and Radiological practices.

Then welcomed Christoph Burghaus, Deputy Managing Director of Industry and Commerce Middle Ruhr District, the participants. He made clear that Bochum has established itself as a university town, with strong medium-sized industries and services in recent years, and thus has coped well with the loss of the former core competence as a center of coal mining.

Dr. Oliver Lehmkühler, Cluster Manager of Cluster MedizinTechnik.NRW, pointed out in his presentation that the challenge of the cluster would be to direct the activities in NRW toward a patient-oriented and technologically-based medicine, because of a powerful medical technology in NRW benefit the patients, the research as well as the companies.

The workflow enhancement capabilities of digitisation is becoming increasingly important to ensure that the hospitals operate more efficiently and also can reduce costs, defined Peter Rosiepen, Vice President Business Development VISUS Technology Transfer GmbH, impressively in his lecture about IT trends in medical technology.

As countries focus regions Brazil and Saudi Arabia were examined in detail by opinions of individual member companies at the summer session of the GHE. The discussion was chaired by Wolfgang Christian, SIEMENS Healthcare Sector.

The afternoon of the conference was marked by internal association issues such as the upcoming trade fairs in 2014 and other current export topics of the network.