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GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Launches New Digital Radiographic System

Definium 5000 showcases GE’s industry-leading digital detector, digital processor and common Definium user interface
DÜSSELDORF, NOVEMBER 14, 2007 - GE Healthcare announced today the introduction of a new member to the Definium family of X-ray digital radiographic products. The Definium 5000 is a floor-mounted, digital radiographic system providing GE state of the art image quality; image processing and user interface; making the system easy to use and reliable while providing high quality digital radiographic images.
The new X-ray DR product is ideally suited for radiology and orthopedic clinics where space is a premium. The Definium 5000 incorporates GE’s digital flat panel detector technology, measuring 41 x 41 cm in size, along with a U-arm that can fit into smaller rooms without the need of ceiling support structures for X-Ray tube suspensions. By offering leading edge detector technology, efficient siting specifications, and the Definium common user interface which eases operator learning and facilitates the flow of a department’s rotating staff, GE Healthcare is setting a new trend in digital radiographs outside of the hospital.
“GE Healthcare reached out to its customer base and have created a product specific to the needs of the Diagnostic Imaging and Orthopedic clinic market,” said David Widmann, global general manager of X-ray for GE Healthcare. “The design and capabilities of the Definium 5000 are a direct correlation to the demands of clinicians and technicians in the industry, recognizing the company’s commitment to early detection for the customer and ultimately the patient.”
Digital Image System
The Definium digital image chain provides high-resolution digital imaging technology for general radiography. Digital image acquisition supports fast and efficient exam procedures, eliminating time spent handling film and cassettes, as well as reliability issues inherent in cassette tray systems. All in all, the technology allows for reduced overall exam times and in effect, patient satisfaction.

Image System General Features:
• Anatomical view based digital image processing automatically optimizes and enhances the quality of the captured image for the imaged anatomy
• Customizable image processing
• Automatic image storage and print with DICOM 3.0 networking capability further increase exam throughput and decrease examination times for patients
Digital Detector
The digital detector is a non-tiled amorphous silicon detector with a Cesium Iodide scintillator. This approach with the detector delivers very high quantum efficiency as well as low noise characteristics. GE’s digital detector technology can accommodate high volumes of patients per day, improving clinician productivity and patient time in the examination room.
“With the company’s industry-leading digital detector, image processing capabilities and common Definium user interface, the Definium 5000 demonstrates the top of the line for digital X-ray equipment and expansion of the Definium DR product family,” said Stephen Gianelos, global segment manager for X-ray at GE Healthcare. “Customers have told us that they need a DR system to accommodate a high flow of patient exams, particularly in orthopedic clinics with space and construction limitations and the Definium 5000 provides such a solution.”

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