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GHE - German Healthcare Export Group e.V.

GEUDER AG: Hans Geuder shifts into supervisory board

Hans Geuder (photo: GEUDER)

HEIDELBERG. More than 50 years, Hans Geuder has been engaged in business of GEUDER AG and he has accompanied the dynamic and target-orientated firm development of the German Healthcare Export Group-member during the last decades.

Hans Geuder now moved into the GEUDER AG’s supervisory board as a member of the board, in which he also acts as chairman, and in the future, he will be participating in the company’s success. Especially the international business enhancements, which he intensively forwarded during his career and also lead to great success, are a part of Hans Geuders outstanding achievements.

As a logical consequence, Volker Geuder took on the office of the sole director of board of GEUDER AG. The business administration will be made customary by the company’s attorneys.

Since the 1950s, GEUDER has been developing and selling ophthalmologic instruments in co-operating with professional surgeons to harmonise with the latest operation techniques. In the 1980s, the German Healthcare Export Group-member complemented its product range with specially developed devices systems. With acquiring Fluoron GmbH, GEUDER expanded its portfolio with innovative liquids for the back parts of the eyes.