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GCX Corporation

GCX Introduces VHRC™ Series Mobile EMR Solutions

GCX Corporation, the worldwide leader in medical instrument and IT mounting solutions, announces the VHRC™ Series mobile solution containing highly functional options to meet specific needs of IT and health care professionals.

The VHRC Series cart allows a wide variety of computer equipment, patient monitors and other medical equipment to be combined in one single workstation that addresses specialized application needs.

Designed with open architecture and a fully modular assembly, the VHRC Series cart presents a flexible array of configurations for proven and existing GCX mounting products. Unlike traditional mobile products, the VHRC Series offers customized device integration options with far lower lead times and the flexibility to adapt as technology advances at a price competitive with non-custom products.

Modular options, including the popular laptop enclosure, slide-out keyboard and locking drawer, and multiple flat-panel and monitor mounts, are available for VHRC Series. The carts also make possible the mobile mounting of a range of computer equipment, patient monitor and other medical equipment.

The VHRC Series is intended to give health care facilities a flexible array of functional, durable and ergonomic configurations to integrate computer and medical-device mounting equipment into their workplace. Faced with compound health planning demands, IT and health care professionals can add the VHRC Series to their toolkit of instruments and accessories to meet strict project specifications, implement Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, and more.

The new VHRC Series combines all the qualities that enable our partners to make the most of a highly adaptable and durable system. Each cart we ship is a custom product made up of existing GCX field-tested, proven components.

The VHRC Series is adaptable to a multitude of different configurations, depending on what the customer needs. It’s an especially robust solution in today’s complex health care environment, considering the variety of medical-device monitors and equipment GCX products will support.

Product benefits for the entire modular VHRC Series include:

Compatibility to accept any GCX Channel-mounted components;
Space-saving footprint to make the most of available area; and
Strong aluminum columns on a durable base and casters, providing end-users an extended product lifespan.