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GCX Corporation

GCX Corporation Launches German-language Website

GCX Corporation, the worldwide leader in medical instrument and IT mounting solutions, is launching a German-language version of its Web site, www.gcx.com.

Mirroring the domestic site of U.S.-based GCX with a complete translation of all English-language content, the new Web site is designed to provide German speakers easy access to the most accurate and up-to-the-minute corporate and product information.

The site's launch also underscores the firm's leadership role as an international provider of medical-device mounting solutions.

"The German-language version of the GCX Web site will be a valuable resource in serving our key market in Europe," said Brad Cohen of the GCX EMEA office in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, near Eindhoven in The Netherlands. "We placed a high priority on developing this site to help customers better understand the mounting solutions and services offered by GCX.

"As partners with the highly interconnected global healthcare industry, GCX realizes information is critical, and we are committed to making communication as clear and convenient as possible."

GCX went to great lengths to provide accurate translations of highly technical vocabulary used for its products and by allied industries, Cohen said. For example, the term "roll stand" that commonly describes a series of GCX mobile mounting solutions in the United States has specific application to an intravenous (IV) stand when translated directly into German. A team of German-speaking consultants made a thorough effort to ensure all terminology expressed its intended meaning on the site.

The German-language GCX Web site ultimately aims to build better customer relationships by providing an indispensible tool for industry partners in Europe. Besides enhanced access to information in the native language, optimized content aims to make the site easier to locate and use.