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hawo GmbH

Future Ideas - Reliable Innovations

For 30 years, the initials Hans Wolf (ha – Hans /wo – Wolf) have been associated with our corporate values of innovation, quality and flexi-bility. Today, the name of hawo is well known in the
packaging industry worldwide. This success is never the work of just one person alone: it is only possible by working with a competent team which puts our values into practice every day.

We are therefore taking you on a journey into the past, back to our beginnings. hawo was founded in 1975 by Hans Wolf with the support of his wife Helga. By this early date he recognised the potential of export. We therefore joined our first delegation to Asia with the then minister for economic affairs Mr. Eberle in 1978. For, as far as we are concerned, flexibility does not just mean mobility, but also commitment and global vision. Today, we generate 80% of our turnover from export business and are a member of international committees.

In spite of all the changes, continuity is also part of our corporate philosophy:
Quality, competence and reliability are among the main criteria. They have contributed extensively to the growth of hawo and are particularly valued abroad. The saying "Made in Germany" has long been a mark of
quality – however, it is important not to rest on these laurels but instead to
implement the idea of quality at every level. That is why hawo introduced ISO 9001 certification in 1994. In order to stay one step ahead of the global competition, hawo was one of the first companies in Germany to introduce TQM (Total Quality Management) in accordance with EQA (European Quality Award) guidelines in 1996.

The idea of constancy also extends to the executive level: Christian Wolf has been part of the executive management since 2000. A qualified engineer and business manager, he possesses all the expertise to keep hawo on course for further success. In the area of marketing, he is supported by his sister Sandra Wolf who runs a marketing and design agency in Berlin (www.wolfmedialounge.de). The future of the company is therefore assured.