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Zepf Medical Instruments GmbH

Further Update on the Zepf Internet Presence

Because of customer feedback, further changes have been made to Zepf Medical Instruments' internet page.

Currently, the "medical subject area" is being expanded on. Previously, only the corresponding catalogue pages for a certain field were available, but as of now, all articles displayed on this catalogue page will be clearly listed next to the page image. A mouse click on an article number displays the individual article with all available information.

Right now, the images for the individual articles are being worked on intensively. This will also become available over the next few weeks, so that customers can be supplied with even better information.

Customers, who have not saved ZEPF's internet address in the favourites list, can do this really easily with Google search. Entering a Zepf article number always leads to the correct article or subject area page.

With new technology and absolute quality, ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS has committed itself to becoming one of the leading providers in the medical technology field. Many of the technologies presently used, for example, the mobile search for reference numbers, or the use of QR codes, are absolutely new to the sector.

And this area is being further developed: hardly any providers in the sector make company or article information available for mobile devices. ZEPF's mobile website is already in planning and will be available for customers this year.