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AMS Advanced Medical Systems GmbH

From Classical to Bioinformative Medicine: 10 Years AMS

The entire economic situation is hardly a cause for celebration but in spite of or maybe just because of it “we are proud of the way in which AMS has been able to develop and assert itself in the last 10 years in a market that was certainly not easy”. It was with these few brief words that Dr. Beck, the managing director of AMS, summed up the “success story of AMS” at the last shareholder’s meeting.
Continuously rising turnover, numerous new developments that were well accepted by the existing customers and in particular brought many new and satisfied customers, these are hard facts. They confirm in an impressive way that AMS was not only able to assert itself in these 10 years, but on the contrary could continuously increase its share of the informative medicine market.
The company was founded in June 1995 and up to 1999 concentrated on the marketing of an invasive laser system for the dental and ENT fields. The decisive change in the entire company policy and philosophy occurred in 1998 with the take over of the “Institute for Biophysics“ from Dr. W. Ludwig as well as his Ludwig Medicinal Technology company which he ran with the help of his wife Frau Gisela Ludwig-Baertels. “Thanks to a scientist who is very much esteemed in complementary medicine and his trade name “Dr. Ludwig“ – and that is an undisputed fact – AMS had good prerequisites for a successful company take over “ commented Dr. Beck on the initial prerequisites of AMS. “Of course we could not simply be satisfied with the scientific work and instrument development which Dr. Ludwig had carried out intensively for the last 30 years. We had to expand the product palette for self-users, the small and hand-held instruments as well as the large and practice systems for the most varied therapist groups in the human and animal medicinal fields and in some cases modernise them by incorporating the latest micro-electronic techniques.
However: we were able to demonstrate several innovations! And I really do mean innovations and not merely marketing gags.“
”That is all that I can disclose at the moment “ commented Dr. Beck. “This year we will once again offer interesting innovations at the Medicine Week in Baden-Baden“. (Medizinische Woche, Baden-Baden, Germany, 29.10.2005 - 03.11.2005)
In more than 30 countries and on all five continents, satisfied customers trust AMS ! In Germany alone, we work closely with more than 100 marketing partners. Furthermore, competent marketing partners were found in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Greece, China, Japan, Canada, Columbia, Croatia, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA. Licensees in both England and Italy who have established their own production facilities under the guidance and control of AMS have also contributed to the steady growth. “The fact that at the present time – we, as a medium-sized company – are in such a good position“, said Dr. Beck, “is closely associated with our company philosophy which is outstanding because of our high quality standards and requirements. First of all, we manufacture exclusively in Germany. Secondly we place great emphasis on advising and supporting our customers. Of course this is backed-up by the provision of a number of further education courses and seminars.“
”Only serious marketing and distribution establish permanent confidence and result in continuous recommendation. This why we categorically reject a “snowball system“ as a method of marketing“, adds Peter Holz, holder of power of attorney and responsible for this area.
”We compete against the “snowball system“ by offering our 90 day right of return with full refund. In 1998 when we introduced the right of return, we achieved a decisive break through in the marketing of our small and hand-held instruments. Such a 90 day right of return establishes confidence and convinces private users of our seriousness.“
It is easy to formulate a company philosophy; however, it is a completely different thing to put it into practice with the help of qualified employees. Dr. Beck: “I am particularly grateful to the entire staff of AMS. They are highly motivated and without their engagement and hard work AMS would hardly have been able to develop so successfully. I therefore look forward with confidence to the next 10 years – the AMS success story will undoubtedly be continued. I am absolutely convinced of that even when the scissors are opening more and more at the moment: On the one hand, the very positive prognoses about a booming health market at all levels in every area. On the other hand, the current economic situation which discourages therapists and patients from spending money.