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Free of Pangs by Sports and Games

Devoid of Drugs Therapy helps by athletic injuries
Great girls – our footballer women. Just they have shown their mastery on European Football Championship. For their fitness they use – by the way like some of other sports clubs – amongst others modern, innovative HiT-Frequency-Treatment. Pulled muscles, bruises, ruptures of muscle fibers and other little aches and pains are very painful and disable sometimes normal trainings very strong and longsome. Without drugs HiT-Frequency-Treatment with miniature-device WeWoThom Premium can help faster to be in best form.
That electronic device – looking like a coin - is able to wear comfortable and unseen under clothes around-the-clock, for instance by some sporting exercises. Interests of WeWoThom Premium in addition to small cost are easy handling, effective properties and long-life cycle. Curative properties operate without taking pharmaceuticals and don´t bring some undesirable adverse effects of pharmaceuticals.
Deviser and producer is the start-up company WeWoThom in State Brandenburg (Germany). With the miniature-device WeWoThom Premium it is given an effective instrument to self-treatment for Millions of people all around the world with pains.
Interests of the WeWoThom Premium:
1. Effective against pangs and their causes
2. Unbounded depth effects
3. Long-term effects
Independent from the deepness under skin the painful causes in joints or back are, frequency of WeWoThom will be arrived them. So it is possible to treat body of pains deep under the skin in joints of bariatric or strong muscular people, to effective frequency to the cells. In compliance with instructions We¬WoThom Pre¬mium is able to use nearly unlimited. The mode HiT-Frequency-Treatment on basic of electro-magnetic frequency has proved oneself in clinics and in doctor´s surgeries. With this absolute lowest device all over the world, the mode assures oneself the experts and patients even more.

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