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Free Radicals Urine Rapid Test


Certificates: the test is not an IVD so it does not need a CE self test certification

The free radicals test is a presence/absence visual test to check the level in urines of the lipids peroxides in less than 10 minutes.

The lipid peroxides are one of major indicators of the presence of free radicals in the blood so a positive result is useful to identify the risk of an oxidative stress.

The doctor or the pharmacist can then suggest an anti-oxidants diet or the suitable dietary supplements to return to negative values.

The problem of the free radicals is also well known by athletes who risk an over production of free radicals during deep training.

This test is a useful tool to understand if the body needs some dietary support and helps preventing a list of diseases which seems to be supported by an oxidative stress.

The test is very simple: the user can simply urinate on the side with the pad and wait to see if the color changes after 5 to 10 min.