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FreeForm WorkStation Rotary Packaging Machines System

FreeForm WorkStation Rotary Packaging Machines System

Just-In-Time maufacturing.

The FreeForm WorkStation's enables our customers to benefit from an innovative stainless steel design, maximum reliability, and the flexibility to add options that meet individual needs in terms of technical demands, productivity and operator friendly ergonomics.

Low start up costs.

The FreeForm WorkStations are semiautomatic rotary packaging machines that efficiently produces optimal blister packs at very low start-up costs,for combined blister forming and sealing in one working procedure.
Because the WorkStation is capable of both forming and sealing blisters, large stocks of preformed blisters are no longer necessary, and a thing of the past.

The FreeFORM WorkStation series was designed and developed 5 years ago (and recently extensively updated for 2017) exclusively to meet and exceed the requirements of the medical community.

The all-aluminum and stainless steel construction is specifically designed for a full clean room validation.

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