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Focus on preventive medicine with freezing

thanks to micro-technology smallest superficial skin lesions can be treated precisely with a finest applicator tip. Small lesions are usually benign yet; they should be treated preventively.

This has not only a well-cosmetic effect but also prevents possibly future misdiagnosis when the cells may be degraded once. With our "Liquid freezing"- system we have set a global scale in the medical-technical field for healtch care and medicare in the dermatology. For other disciplines this simple freezing technique is positively predestinated to have to bring further insight into technology and research to give priority to preventive care for the patient.

A cryo-treatment with "Liquid freezing"-system takes a few seconds, without side effects, minimally-invasive, non-blood loss, no scars, repeatable, natural healing process, a reliable treatment for the user, as much highly efficient as time- and cost saving for the patient in focus of his needs.

It can be treated even more gentler with "Contact freezing" equipped with a closed contact applicator, which is passed through liquid nitrous oxide inside the contact body and it cools down. The smallest applicator has a diameter of 3mm gold-plated contact surface, which means absolute protection of the surrounding healthy skin tissue during treatment.This preventive treatment charges only one-fifth of what later has to be payed for follow-up costs such as the skin cancer,whose incidence is increasing in frequency.