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FloShield Air

Minimally Invasive Devices Launches FloShield™ Air

Columbus, Ohio – September 4, 2014 – Minimally Invasive Devices Inc. (MID), a Columbus, Ohio innovator in laparoscopic surgery, today announced the launch of FloShield™ Air, a laparoscope visualization system. FloShield Air is a simple to use device that dramatically reduces the need to clean the optics and can reduce supply costs compared to almost all other solutions. FloShield Air utilizes carbon dioxide to create a clear barrier of moving gas at the distal end of the laparoscope. This vortex actively protects the lens from getting dirty while providing instant and continuous defogging throughout the surgery.

“FloShield Air is a direct response to the ever-pressing need for less expensive solutions to surgical problems that are also simple to learn and set up, while at the same time, improving the surgical process for doctors, nurses and patients,” said Wayne Poll, MD, CEO of MID. “We designed FloShield to all but eliminate the problem of scopes getting dirty, dramatically reducing, and in many cases eliminating, the need to pull the scope out of the patient, clean it, heat it and then continue the surgical procedure. FloShield Air, requires no new capital purchase or external heating and sets up with one simple connection to the insufflator.”

FloShield products are the first laparoscopic assistance devices to offer “active lens protection” to maintain a clear surgical view for surgical teams. FloShield replaces all other cleaning and/or defogging products and provides consistent visual clarity without the need to continually remove the scope for cleaning or to heat the scope prior to insertion.

About Minimally Invasive Devices, Inc.

Minimally Invasive Devices, Inc. (MID) has developed and manufactures the FloShield™ laparoscopic vision system, the first device that prevents loss of vision during laparoscopic surgery due to obscuration of the optics.

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