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Flexible Plastisol Components from Qosina

Plastisol Components

Qosina stocks a selection of plastisol connectors in various sizes and configurations for your design requirements. Made of USP Class VI liquid PVC resin, we can create custom dip molding plastisol connectors, instrument guards, nasal cannula and other additional components.
Multi-port Y connectors can be molded with as many as six ports to meet your custom requests.

Plastisol is a USP Class VI liquid PVC resin that bonds easily to PVC Tubing. These connectors are available in a full selection of 64 to 70 shore A durometer with various sizes and configurations. Qosina also stocks a plastisol sample kit (Part #Q6000-PL) for your design and testing needs.

Call our Customer Service Specialists to request a sample, obtain our latest catalog, or place an order at
+1 (631) 242-3000, fax +1 (631) 242-3230 or e mail info@qosina.com. Visit us at www.qosina.com to see our latest products. Custom sourcing services are available through our knowledgeable specialists using Qosina’s extensive resources.

Qosina is a worldwide supplier of thousands of stock and OEM disposable components including connectors, luers, caps, clamps, adapters, stopcocks, valves, swabs, spikes, syringes and tubing. Qosina operates an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 registered facility.