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Fist Line Drug of Abuse Color Test

A new colorimetric test to screen out the major substances contained in illicit drugs and some pharmaceuticals quickly and accurately on site.
User has just to wet the swab ( even with saliva if no water is available), to pass it on the surface ( the interior of a bag, inside a tray, in a car or camion, on the face or hands etc) and to press on the patch. If any color changes there is drug of abuse.
The test detects immediately 1 mg of any DOA containing amine such as most of illicit drugs as: cocaine, LSD, Ketamine, Amphetamine, heroine, morphine, PCP and many others.
The test is looking like a carton ticket and can be kept in any place due to its stability up to 40°C .
Carton can be customizable in every language and packed according to country needs.