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First Online Course in Guided Care Nursing

The course focuses on best practices in chronic disease management, caregiver education and support, transitional care, and geriatric evaluation and brings together faculty and clinical experts from the schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health, as well as the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System.

The online course is a six-week learning experience which features asynchronous web-based learning modules, live webinars, and simulations. “This course was developed in an online format to be convenient for working nurses whose schedules are not often conducive to traditional teaching methods and class attendance,” says Elizabeth Tanner, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (IJHN) who participated in developing the curriculum. “We were careful to develop the online course modules in a format that includes live web-based seminars and lots of interaction with faculty and other students - we set out to create a forum with enhanced learning capabilities.”

The Guided Care Nursing course will be of interest to nurses who would like to work in this new role in health care, as well as to nurses who wish to increase their knowledge about care of older adults, and learn new skills such as coaching and motivational interviewing.

With the number of adults aged 65 years or older expected to more than double to about 71 million by 2030 in the U.S., Guided Care has far-reaching implications for the nation’s health care system. “As Americans live longer - and are expected to do so with more chronic conditions - the role of the nurse as coach, teacher, and source of evidence-based knowledge and skills has become increasingly important,” and has created a growing need for this specialised training, says IJHN Executive Director Jane Shivnan. “Guided Care has the potential to transform how we relate to our most vulnerable, community-dwelling older patients.”; Source: Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing