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First Large Trial Proves Superior AMI Recognition

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Up to now there exists a blind spot for the detection of acute myocardial. The traditional biomarkers rise too slow, resulting in an often too late treatment.
This diagnostic gap is filled by the new bedside test CardioDetect (rennesens GmbH), detecting the early biomarker h-FABP.
In the first large multicentre study on CardioDetect (20 centres, 419 pst.) the Spanish Society for Emergency Medicine was able to detect three times more infarctions compared to Troponin (60% vs. 19%). They also observed a high specificity of 88% vs. 99 %. These results confirm that the high diagnostic reliability of this marker known from ELISA setups can also be achieved with a rapid test.
The test takes 15 min., three drops of true blood (venous of finger), and no special equipment. It is suited for emergency rooms, ambulances and general practitioners alike. CardioDetect is CE approved.