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Firefly Global

Firefly Global Returns to AudiologyNow!

DE350 Wireless Video Otoscope

Returning for another year at AudiologyNOW!, Firefly brings its award winning Wireless Video Otoscope back to Orlando.

The Boston based company, which has been selling its cameras to some of the most prestigious organizations around the globe for over 2 years, is thrilled to once again show the Audiology community why so many clinics and hearing aid centers have already brought the Firefly system on board.

The Firefly Wireless Video Otoscope is the best tool available for audiologists and anyone placing hearing aids to educate patients on why they need to move forward with various procedures or hearing aids, get them to understand the importance of recommended care, and demonstrating the effectiveness of treatments by reviewing before and after pictures. While the Wireless Video Otoscope was designed with the patient in mind, it was also created to increase acceptance rates, which in turn brings more money into the clinic. A quote from Firefly Global’s CEO, Kapriel Karagozyan, illustrates the company’s mindset when developing their devices –

“We take great care in developing devices and systems that are not only intuitive to use, but also benefit individuals on both sides of the camera. If we create value for the patient and the physician it becomes a no-brainer for practices to enlist our services.”

Along with their Wireless Video Otoscope, Firefly Global will also be showcasing a new cerumen removal specula prototype, designed to give this communication tool a way to also remove ear wax. The prototype comes in 2 sizes and Dan Lucey, manager of business development for Firefly, will be there looking for feedback from attendees.

Firefly Global is in the business of making high quality, affordable, video otoscopes and digital dermatoscopes for organizations worldwide. Firefly wireless and wired cameras are small, easy to use and standards-based, making integration with video conferencing solutions quick and easy. Already popular in Ear-Nose-Throat, Primary Care, Telemedicine and Dermatology, the number of Audiologists using Firefly are multiplying rapidly. The Wireless Video Otoscope, Ceruman Removal Specula Prototypes, and Oaktree can be found at AudiologyNow! in booth number (…..) from March 26th to the 28th.

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