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K-Plan s.a.s.

Finally a completely mobile lab


The Microbiology and Hematology - Biochemistry Laboratory developed by K-Plan Company is fully portable and mobile due to its ergonomics.

«An ultra-mobile laboratory which can provide biological analyses on any area and closest to the patient», this is the challenge that wanted to rise to Dominique Parzy, CEO of K-Plan since 2007.
After few years of development with its R&D team, K-PLAN launch the marketing of the K-LMP LabTM, in 2011.


Four flight cases for a total efficacy
K-LMP LabTM is a mobile laboratory composed of four portable flight cases. This equipment is deployable by just two people and is operational in less than 30 minutes.
It incorporates devices for use in field biology.
It is the right tool for dealing with emergency situations (epidemics, natural disasters, logistical support to deployed personnel into refugee camps and peacekeeping operations), but also for collection and analysis of biological data by scientists.
K-LMP LabTM is used in several areas due to State-of-the-art equipment: human health, veterinary, safety food-processing industry, environmental surveillance.

And couple more
In 2013, K-Plan designed a new hematology - biochemistry module in order to complete his laboratory, which named K-LMP Lab+TM. This module is composed of two additional flight cases to extend the operating field of the laboratory to hematology and biochemistry.

Usable in extreme conditions
K-LMP LabTM is a real mobile laboratory of
microbiology think through operating under
extreme temperature and humidity.
In addition, it can also be used in any vehicle type minivan over 12m3. Users have a better working comfort when weather conditions make difficult the deployment of the laboratory.

The perfect transportation
The flight cases are designed to facilitate the mobility of laboratory. The concept is to adapt the means of transport to field conditions. There’s nothing else to for it but to choose the vehicle: van, pickup, boat, plane, train, or