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Filter Manufactory Offers Expert Advice on Screen- and Filter Solutions

The V-Shape designed by Küfner offers minimized flow resistance.

Customers and potential buyers benefit from the further development of Karl Küfner KG towards a filter manufactory providing prototypes and high class small batch series.

The main areas of application for custom-developed screens, strainers and filters from Küfner are Intensive care / anaesthesia / mechanical ventilation, Disinfection / sterilization, Emergency services / emergency medicine and Surgery.

A range of devices and applications means that a range of demands are made of filtration in the medical sector. Specialized filters must therefore be used in order to guarantee safe medical procedures, fail-safe function and efficient operation of devices. Küfner is able to develop and supply such filters in order to meet the requirements of customer-specific applications.

So that it is able to optimally support its customers in early project planning stages, Küfner is quick to supply competitively priced product prototypes thanks to its Rapid Technology. Their mechanical properties are excellent and they deliver perfect simulation results. Checking a product design at an early stage means that it is possible for customers to make great cost savings.

At Küfner, flat hierarchies and personal contact partners are crucial to ensure fast-paced project development. Küfner is able to meet new requirements without any problems thanks to flexible automation and manufacturing concepts, even when it comes to low and medium-sized production quantities. This means that it can cater to the needs of individual customer projects. Küfner will demonstrate its performance capability at MEDICA by means of four product types (See tab "Products")

Journalists are kindly invited to visit Karl Küfner KG at Hall 16, Booth C41. Please take the opportunity to talk to our product developers about all innovations mentioned above.