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PolyCine GmbH

Films for IV Bags "Made in Germany"

When Martin Schmidtlein and Thomas Nicola walked away from success careers with a major player in the medical films industry to set up their own company, the set out to prove that they could offer a better product in what was a growing market. Seven years later and their fledgling company has enjoyed meteoric success, now ranking second worldwide in its niche. The key to this success was recognising and satisfying the emerging demand for non-PVC products.
PolyCine is a specialist manufacturer of non-PVC films and tubes used in the manufacture of intravenous bags. The market is growing not just because of increasing interest in PVC-free materials but also because of a general shift away from the use of glass. “PVC free platic has the advantage of being less permeable to water vapour than conventional PVC-based films” says co-founder and Director Thomas Nicola. Another advantage is the fact that less material is required and there is less leaching of active ingredients into the plastic.The company’s products are made from a transparent multilayer coextruded polymer. Both, films and tubes, can be produced in any dimensions required and to extremely narrow tolerances. The products are extruded under clean room conditions and meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia 3.1., Iso10993 and USP Class VI. Production is also Certified to ISO 9001 and EN 46001 standards. Profits are routinely reinvested in the company and the latest round of spending is on new production lines that will significantly increase capacity when they come online.
Product innovation is also an important factor influencing the copany’s success. PolyCine currently developed two new systems. The first is a tube system for CAPD peritoneal dialysis while the second is a multi-chamber bag where a peel seal separating two liquids and can be removed immediately before infusing. A further innovation is a packaging solution featuring a gas barrier. Thanks to its innovatiove approach and high quality products, PolyCine is enjoying 20% growth per year. It currently employs over 50 people in Germany and also has offices in China. Exports account for 60% of turnover with the most important market overseas. This year, the company is 3rd time on Medica trade fair in Düsseldorf,Germany and the copany will be making its debut at the Arab Health at Dubai in 2011.