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Faster recovery with nature images at MEDICA

Patients can have their stress levels dramatically reduced and experience a faster recovery by looking at ‘Visual Therapy’ nature images; to be showcased at MEDICA 2007 - the world’s largest healthcare technologies trade fair on November 13 -17 in Germany.

The UK based diagnostic imaging specialists, M.A.S. Medical, will be exhibiting the nature images; found to improve patient stress levels, reduce systolic blood pressure, and minimise boredom. This lessens the likelihood of complications and the need for expensive repeat diagnosis or treatment.

The range of over 2,000 nature images by award winning nature photographer, Joey Fischer, can be installed in a wide range of both clinical and non-clinical healthcare settings - such as hospital waiting rooms, dental surgeries and operating theatres - to promote a ‘healing environment’.

Images are usually supplied as backlit transparencies and can be either wall or ceiling mounted; with wall mounted images supplied in custom-made light boxes. Ceiling images are configured to fit within the ceiling grid or can be fitted in bespoke light boxes.

M.A.S Medical offer advice with regards to size, position and image selection. For example, in cancer services, autumn scenes are not usually recommended because this season is often associated with an ending.

At Medica 2007, M.A.S. Medical is hoping to source new distributors as well as end users.

Maria Cunningham, Radiotherapy Service Manager at Birmingham Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where there are numerous installations of the product, said: “We’ve found the nature images create a nice ambience for the patients; helping them to relax and take their minds off the treatment. I would certainly recommend M.A.S. Medical, as with them we were able to choose a specific part of an image we wanted for one of the installations and they custom-made it exactly to our requirements.”

Visit M.A.S. Medical at MEDICA 2007 in hall 16 / G10-1-C