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Labor Diagnostika Nord GmbH & Co.KG

Fast Track Diagnostics

Results in less than 4 hours (RIA) or over night (RIA, ELISA)
Labor Diagnostika Nord (LDN) has introduced a new generation of assays for the fast and quantitative measurement of the free Metanephrine and free Normetanephrine in plasma.
These assays represent a quantum leap in speed and usability. They are faster and more cost-effective than any other technology including HPLC and LC-MS.
The principle is similar to their predecessors assays. They also allow for the simultaneous determination of Metanephrine and Normetanephrine in plasma by the use of 250 µl of sample (single determination).
An extensive method comparison between both types of assays showed that the Fast Track assays compare excellent to the first generation assays. Therefore customers using actually the first generation of assays can switch quite easily to the new version.
What used to take overnight (RIA) or 40 hours (ELISA) can now be completed in less than 4 hours (RIA) or over night (RIA; ELISA).

• Sample Preparation: 30 min
RIA: 3.5 h or ON
• Simultaneous determination of the free Metanephrine and Normeta-nephrine
• Uses only 250 µl of plasma
• No extraction, no organic solvents
• For human diagnostics and research applications
• Acylation in liquid phase

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