Fasciae massage deluxe with Beurer MG 800 -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Beurer GmbH

Fasciae massage deluxe with Beurer MG 800

Fasciae massage deluxe with Beurer MG 800 – a patented world innovation

Fasciae massage is one of the latest trends in the world of fitness. Beurer presents its new fasciae massager, the MG 800 Fascia-ReleaZer®, in time for the MEDICA at the Beurer stand in hall 12, booth A31. This patented world innovation breaks down fasciae agglutinations to regenerate the muscle tissue. During use, blood circulation is significantly increased and cellulose regeneration is improved. Furthermore, there is a considerable increase in movement and mobility.

Fasciae massage

Fasciae are the connective tissue layers that surround the muscles, joints and blood vessels, enabling their movement, performance and elasticity. Lack of movement, uneven strain, incorrect posture and overloading can cause these fasciae to stick together. This can lead to tension and pain. A fasciae massage returns the elasticity and resistance to the tissue to offer protection against this tension and pain.

MG 800 Fascia-ReleaZer®

The Beurer MG 800 Fascia-ReleaZer® allows the well-known fasciae massage from the physio practice to be carried out in the comfort of your own home. The deep-working vibration massage can be adjusted in two programs. Four treatment surfaces enable a variety of applications, with the option to adjust the intensity depending on the muscle group and personal preference. The MG 800 Fascia-ReleaZer®, made of high-quality walnut wood, sits comfortably in the hands thanks to the non-slip grips with soft-touch surface. An in-depth application DVD demonstrates the various training possibilities. The integrated battery enables operation of up to 11 hours following a charge time of approx. 2.5 hours.