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Fall asleep better with the Beurer "SleepLine" range

A restful night's sleep is just as important for your health as a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. But many people are not aware that they are suffering from sleep problems. For some people, the problems start right at the beginning when falling asleep. They find it hard to get to sleep and often toss and turn. At MEDICA 2016, Beurer will be showcasing its expert "SleepLine" range – innovative products that help users fall asleep better.

Fall asleep better with the Beurer expert "SleepLine" range
The LB 37 air humidifier, TL 55 Day & Night brightlight and WL 75 wake-up light facilitate the transition from daytime to sleep. These devices help to create a pleasant room ambience.

LB 37 air humidifier
The optimum humidity is approx. 50 percent. During the winter months in particular, heated air can be especially dry. An air humidifier can solve this problem. The LB 37 air humidifier uses ultrasound humidification technology. This technology is quiet and saves energy. The humidification output is max. 200 millilitres per hour and the tank size is 2 litres. It offers two-stage operation. The LB 37 is suitable for rooms measuring up to 20 square metres and can also be used for room fragrancing. Beurer Sleep Well aroma oil, for instance, can be applied to the 15 aroma pads supplied, helping to create a soothing atmosphere. Arolla pine and lavender promote sleep and aid the process of falling asleep.

TL 55 Day & Night brightlight
The TL 55 Day & Night brightlight is ideal both for use on the bedside table or when on the move thanks to its compact size. A gentle red light is automatically dimmed in three stages. It enables a gentle transition from active days to restful nights, thereby making it easier to get to sleep. With the automatic switch-off which turns the device off after 30 minutes, it is the perfect sleep companion. It can run either on battery or via the power supply unit.

WL 75 wake-up light
The WL 75 wake-up light is convenient and easy to use via the free Beurer LightUp app. It boasts various functions that help the user to get to sleep. For instance, it can provide a colour simulation of the sunset. The user can also choose from four soothing sleep melodies and has the option of setting a relaxing red light.

The importance of sleep
We spend around a third of our lives asleep. Sleep is therefore extremely important because it allows all our body functions to recover. Sleep problems can, for example, lead to high blood pressure, diabetes or depression. The Beurer expert "SleepLine" range provides a complete portfolio for healthy sleep and active days.

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