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FRIWO Gerätebau GmbH

FRIWO now successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485

German power supply specialist FRIWO extends its product portfolio: in addition to power supplies, chargers and battery packs, production services for inductive components are offered. From now on, our in-house transformer and choke production in Vietnam will no longer manufacture for FRIWO‘s own power supplies and chargers but also for customers.

Customers can benefit from the attractive combination of a lean Asian organization under high quality standards and German management: FRIWO acquired the transformer and choke production from a supplier in 2016 and has completely modernized the production halls. Today the facility counts 19 assembly lines where 750 employees are manufacturing various inductive components. The personnel are highly experienced: virtually all of the personnel joined FRIWO from their previous employer. The Vietnamese facility combines the best of two worlds: European expertise in flexible production processes and Asia's attractive manufacturing conditions.

From now on, FRIWO does not only produce components for its own demand but also offers production services according to customer’s drawings and documents for components like:

-       Switchmode Transformers
-       Power Transformers, potted and unpotted
-       Coils
-       Chokes
-       Current Sense Transformers
-       Wireless / Inductive Charging Coils
-       Toroidal Transformers

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