Schiller AG

FRED® easy Online – The New Concept for Automated Defibrillators

Developed in consultation with real users, this new AED concept perfectly meets the expectations of rescuers, and more.

Already well-known across the world by professional rescue services and non-professional associations for its quality, user-friendliness and design, FRED® easy is developing further. The device is available in several versions:

•Fully automatic with an optional metronome to guide the rescuer during CPR
•Semi-automatic with optional metronome, ECG display and manual mode

The FRED® easy Online has the following advantages to meet everyone's needs:

Full control 24 hours a day:
Permanently connected to a network, FRED® easy Online is always under control.
All devices are remotely monitored by one person via a simple web browser.

When a device is taken away from its docking station for an intervention, an automatic alarm is sent to the server, from which an SMS, e-mail, etc. can be sent, for example, to the closest rescue service.
This system allows the fastest possible reaction in an emergency.

Central data storage:
After an intervention, the data (ECG, events, etc.) is automatically sent to the server as soon as FRED® easy Online is placed back to its docking station.
No user intervention is needed; the transmission is easy, fast and safe.
From the central station, the data can be accessed remotely by authorised persons via a simple web browser.

Easy device management:
All FRED® easy Online units can be managed remotely (configuration & update) from one central station.
When a technical error is detected, an automatic alarm is sent to the server, from where an SMS, e-mail, etc. can be sent to the service technician in charge.