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Wellcare Products S.A.

FFleXX : Innovation in Cryotherapy

Wellcare Products SA is focused on the relief and prevention of pain, by promoting, marketing and distributing the multiple applications of a World patent, the FFleXX Cryo/Thermotherapy Compress. This is a unique compress, wearable in movement and with constant temperature (materials with phase change). This compress is approved by a large majority of the medical world and finalized by its Research and Development department together with the university of Liège.
Wellcare Products is launching the FFleXX Cryo/Thermotherapy Compress worldwide, and is looking for Distribution and Integration Partners.

The FFleXX Compress covers a very wide spectrum of applications in the medical field :

- Traumatology
- Orthopaedics
- Rheumatology
- Neurology
- Emergencies
- Cosmetic surgery
- Dermatology ...

The FFleXX Compress structure is characterised by :

- Choice of thermal shock
- Adaptable and long lasting constant temperature (materials with phase change)
- Continuous thermotherapy
- Long duration (autonomy)
- Static and dynamic thermotherapy
- Homogeneous contact on any kind of shape
- Mobility, perfect moulding of surfaces, even in movement and under pressure
- Easy and quick to put on leg, arm, shoulder, knee, etc...
- Safety : no toxic content
- Long life period.

The current development of the company was directed to the Cryotherapy which represents 80% of the current medical applications.

The FFleXX Compress is the only one who combines all the following effects :

- Superficial painkiller : superficial anaesthesia
- Analgesic : reduction of articular and muscular pain
- Anti-inflammatory : reduction of inflammation to its necessary level
- Vasomotor : limitation of bruises - oedemas
- Reduction of medicinal grips : analgesic, anti-inflammatory, soporific, ...

Other high potential fields are surveyed with great attention, followed by new developments and the search for partnerships or co-developments.