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Fabrication Enterprises Inc.

FEI Introduces CanDo® Kinesiology Tape

Elmsford, New York –October 4, 2018 -- Fabrication Enterprises Inc (FEI), the leading manufacturer and distributor of physical therapy and fitness products, is pleased to introduce the newest addition to the CanDo® product lineup, CanDo® Kinesiology Tape.

Kinesiology tape is used to treat muscle fascia and tendinitis, and to improve blood circulation. CanDo® Kinesiology Tape is made from cotton/rayon fibers that are latex-free and hypoallergenic. It features a sweat-resistant wave-like adhesive that pushes sweat and moisture away from the tape. Water resistance allows this tape to be worn in showers, pools or saunas. Stretch the tape lengthways 30-40% for maximum performance. 

CanDo® Kinesiology Tape is available in four colors: beige, blue, black and pink. Each roll has a 2” width and is offered in two sizes, 16.5 ft and 103 ft, for home and clinic use.

To learn more about CanDo® Kinesiology Tape contact 800-431-2830 or email sales@FabEnt.com, or visit FabEnt.com.

About FEI

FEI is a manufacturer and master distributor of products for fitness, physical therapy, chiropractic, athletic training, and more. Founded in 1974, FEI’s products are sold to fitness centers, hospitals, clinics, professionals, and individuals by a network of dealers globally. Select products can also be found in retail stores. For more information, visit FabEnt.com or email sales@FabEnt.com. 


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