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External Probes for EBI 3x0 USB Data Loggers

The new external probes for the USB data loggers EBI 300 and EBI 310 from ebro Electronic are available now! The external capacitive humidity probe TPH 400 is used together with the EBI 300 standard USB data logger and measures the humidity between 0% and 100%. The external capacitive humidity probe TPH 500 and the external 2-channel temperature probe TPX 310 are suitable for use with the high-precision EBI 310 USB data logger. With the TPH 500 the humidity between 0% and 100% is measured. The 2-channel probe TPX 310 was developed for precise temperature measurements with an accuracy of up to ±0.2 °C. A special feature: two external probes can be connected to the TPX 310 which cover a range of a total of -200 °C to +400 °C (-328 °F to 752 °F), depending on probe type. In addition, all software versions of the Winlog application programs have been updated to support the new probes.

The easy to use data loggers EBI 300 and EBI 310 310 with USB port monitor the temperature and / or humidity during transport and storage of sensitive goods such as medicines, foods, vaccines, etc. An outstanding feature of the USB data loggers is the automatic PDF creation with all the important measurement data. At the end of the measurement the data loggers are easily connected to the USB port of a PC and the measured values ​​appear in a detailed report as a PDF file on the screen. There is no additional software needed and the PDF report can immediately be saved, printed or sent via e-mail.

Please find more information at www.ebi300.com under accessories or in our online shop at shop.ebro.com.