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Expert advice from our plus size patient Clinical Support Specialist

 Would you benefit from expertise in how to manage a plus size (bariatric) patient? Benmor Medical have the expertise of Clinical Support Specialist John Humphray available to all our customers. With the rate of national obesity growing day by day, the importance of developing safe moving and handling practices throughout the healthcare industry has taken a front seat in our company ethos. 

Treating the larger patient brings an array of challenges but with the help of our Clinical Support Specialist we will aim to provide a greater confidence to manage and advise on this patient group, as well as create an understanding of the psychosocial issues surrounding the bariatric patient and how this can impact on their care.

Our Clinical Support option helps to provide an understanding of the comprehensive risk assessment processes and an awareness of the latest equipment and technology that can support the larger person, with a wider practical knowledge and operation of this equipment.

With over 15 years of experience as a Manual Handling Advisor as well as other roles in the Healthcare Sector, our Clinical Support Specialist John provides support to our Area Managers when a clinical need is presented to us.

John has a vision of collaborative working to ensure the needs of every patient group are met.  He continues to develop and enhance his working practices and knowledge base using the most up-to-date technology in manual handling equipment, this includes the development of interactive integrated pathways for the management of patient groups.

“John is dynamic and knowledgeable and takes each case on with a high level of professional commitment – so that you can be confident that he is exploring options thoroughly, working with the client and their carers and keeping you well informed.

He is willing to review decisions and problem solve as the needs of the case unfold and maybe events change what is needed.

John has thoroughly trained our care staff, therapy staff, relatives and the client themselves and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him as a Moving and Handling specialist.” Occupational Therapist.

To find out how we can help you by offering Clinical Support (UK only), call +44 333 800 9000 or email

Proud to be the UK's leading independent bariatric equipment supplier, providing continuing support with care & confidence for the past 20 years.

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