ELISCHA Business Development

Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept® – Oral cleaning, germ reduction, wound care

Successful product development by ELISCHA Business Development from ZBZ Witten

As the winner of the Witten Start-Up Prize for Dentistry 2009, ELISCHA joined the Witten Centre of Dental Research (ZBZ Witten) with its business idea and, in 2011, was the first company from the ZBZ to have its own stand at Compamed / MEDICA 2011: Jack Protheses® had arrived on the market. This geriatric denture-care instrument from ELISCHA is both a toothbrush and denture brush with an integrated denture lever.

With the Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept®, ELISCHA now offers a bioscience-based product system for oral cleaning, germ reduction and wound care in ventilated patients and tracheotomy patients, as well as geriatric patients and adults or children that require care (incl. patients receiving intensive care, radiotherapy or oral/maxillofacial surgery and patients with an immune deficiency). In the Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept®, ELISCHA provides these patients with a long-lasting and inexpensive set of products that are ideally suited to the task in hand.

The new Jack Pro® Therapy Bag System is set up for use directly at the patient's bed using an IV drip stand or a similar holder, particularly at clinical stations. The Jack Pro® Gel and Rinse plus are extracted using a sterile disposable syringe via a Luer Lock connection and are used in the three-step system – cleaning, germ reduction and wound protection. The advantages of the Jack Pro® Therapy Bag System are obvious: excellent compliance with hygiene requirements, bed-specific application to patients at clinical stations, and cost and time savings thanks to optimum material use.

In addition to developing novel concepts for oral cleaning, germ reduction and wound care, ELISCHA is also committed to providing care- and patient-oriented further training for healthcare facilities through its Prophyacademy®, which is also based at the ZBZ. The academy's education/training modules teach care staff how to handle the products and the Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept®.

By basing itself at the ZBZ, ELISCHA benefits in its business and product development efforts – so far a resounding success – from the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between the various experts at the ZBZ (medicine, nursing sciences, dentistry, materials sciences, microbiology, orthodontics and industrial design, to name a few), as well as from the support programmes of the ZBZ itself.