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Skytron Europe BV

Expansion in Europe

Skytron continues to provide market leadership in medical equipment solutions throughout North America for over 37 years. Skytron is now focusing upon medical equipment solutions for the European and African markets with its Dutch subsidiary Skytron Europe B.V., located in Zwolle, The Netherlands, providing local support for Europe and Africa.

Since its the foundation in 1972, Skytron has provided medical equipment market leadership throughout North America. Skytron’s World Headquarters are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. After 37 years of market leadership in North America, Skytron has turned its attention to providing state of the art medical equipment solutions also to Europe and Africa. Therefore in 2008 the settlement Skytron Europe BV has been founded as a joint venture between Skytron and IHB, its Dutch manufacturer of pendant systems.

Skytron is a privately held subsidiary of the KMW Group, shares Richard Krznaric, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Skytron Europe. Skytron began their North American leadership in medical equipment solutions with the distribution of OR-lights, their first product offering when Skytron was founded. The years afterward included successful product portfolio additions of Operating Room Tables, and later to pendant systems of IHB in 1994, market leaders in the Dutch market, Other equipment offerings include SkYVision Hybrid System O.R. Integration, Skytron RTLS, RFID Asset Management, Stainless steel products and more.

In the last decade, cost saving and efficiency software solutions like our integration software SkyVision and our RTLS, RFID asset management system (SAM ) have become increasingly important to delivering quality patient care and being mindful of quality, reliability and bottom line costs for our healthcare customers, explains Richard Krznaric. „Our SkyVision Hybrid System is engineered to make the complex environment of Operating Room Integration, Video and Data Management simple, seamless and intuitive. SkyVision was developed from the perception of the user. It enables the surgical team to manage, manipulate and route all kind of data and images from to and from the surgical field, as well as to teleconference and consult remotely as well as within the working surgical environment on a multilevel basis.”

„Skytron positions itself with state of the art medical equipment solutions delivering the utmost in ease of use, quality and reliability, consistently delivering the lowest cost to our health customers of long term ownership. Our objective is to deliver to exclusive distribution partners in Europe and Africa.“, informs Richard Krznaric the redaction. „In our business model we aim to work with an distribution network based on partnership, and a long term and exclusive basis in Europe as well as Africa. Our (future) partners will be supported extensively from Zwolle, The Netherlands”.