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EverBio: Completed Tissue Microarray System for Biobank

AutoTiss X is the world's first automated arrayer that supports standard block as well as macro-block to process large tissues, such as prostate, brain and other large organs to cover full range of pathology research.

Image: The AutoTiss-X; Copyright: EverBio


Together with the world's first Tissue block loader which uplifts the managing capacity of Tissue Microarrayer, the brand new X model will be the only fully automated TMA that consist the highest throughput of tissue blocks on the market.
To keep up the quality assurance and data traceability of medical resource and management, EverBio Tech is proud to present the laboratory information management system (LIMS) specifically designed for Biobank. The unique system named TRAMS (Tissue Resource and Analysis Management System), is developed to allow project management of Tissue Bank and Biobank. We provide a fully digitalized system for collaborator to view and manage their pathology information online.

About EverBio Technology Inc.

Established in 2014 and founded on years of experience in the manufacturing of precision machinery, EverBio is dedicated to increase the efficiency of medical image diagnosis by developing computer-aided detection and diagnosis systems.

EverBio works with clinical researchers to transform their knowledge into computational algorithm. The developed system is not only able to analyze and quantify the data objectively and consistently, it is also able to process the image segmentation algorithm rapidly. As a result, what normally take years to perform manually can be done in minutes.

The ability to generate, process, analyze and store tremendous amount of visual data is crucial for the development of precision medicine and personalized medicine.
EverBio's patented Tissue MicroArrayer is the only fully automated instrument with the highest throughput of tissue blocks on the market.