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European Patent Awarded to Biohit Oyj’s Acetium

European Patent Awarded to Biohit Oyj’s Acetium

20.07.2012 16:45

Biohit Oyj Stock Exchange and Press Release

Patents are also pending outside Europe. The L-cysteine in Acetium capsules dissolves slowly into the gastric fluid, efficiently binding (neutralising) carcinogenic acetaldehyde in an achlorhydric stomach. This contributes to the prevention of stomach and oesophageal cancer. Such cancers are typically diagnosed late, which results in a particularly poor prognosis (see Additional information).

The science behind the Acetium innovation is strong and there is a great need for this product.
Identifying the specific carcinogenic substance is crucial to preventing a particular cancer. Insufficient ability to remove acetaldehyde caused by point mutation provides a human model for acetaldehyde exposure, helping to explain the high incidence rates of upper gastrointestinal tract cancers in alcohol drinkers. The consistent epidemiological and biochemical results obtained from this model prompted the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in October 2009 to classify the acetaldehyde found in, and generated endogenously from, alcoholic beverages as a Group I carcinogen, i.e. as carcinogenic as asbestos, formaldehyde and benzene. One principle applies to all Group I carcinogens: every available means should be used to reduce exposure to these substances. Exposure to acetaldehyde is linked to more than three million new gastrointestinal cancers per year globally, which represents approximately 25 per cent of all cancers (visit to test your exposure to acetaldehyde).

The Acetium capsule is the only product in the world proven to reduce exposure to acetaldehyde. Acetium is intended e.g. for persons suffering from an achlorhydric stomach caused by atrophy of the gastric mucosa and functional disorder (atrophic gastritis). An anacidic stomach is the most significant risk factor in stomach and oesophageal cancer. The risk group includes approximately 500 million people globally. An achlorhydric stomach caused by atrophic gastritis can be easily diagnosed from blood samples, using the GastroPanel biomarker test developed by Biohit Oyj.

The Acetium and GastroPanel innovations provide new opportunities for safe and cost-effective health care, as well as opportunities to tap into large and growing markets in cooperation with other Finnish and international companies and researchers (see Additional information and ”State-of-the-art GastroPanel and Acetium innovations for the unmet need” and ”GastroPanel biomarkers in SJG 2012”,

The unique GastroPanel-Acetium pairing is a prime example of the successful combination of academic research and a Finnish company seeking entry into international markets. Robust, fundamental and applied research on major healthcare issues, and the numerous innovations and product development based upon it, offer a credible, firm foundation for the company’s global success ( About Us/ History: Aggressive innovation and patenting strategy).

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