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European Comission trusts in eKuore

eKuore receives funding from the European Commission to launch the first cordless electric stethoscope

eKuore has received a grant of 50,000 euros from the European Union to launch the first wireless electronic stethoscope for medical use ‘eKuore Pro’, within the Horizon 2020 program through the call ‘Instrument SMEs’.

It is the first wireless stethoscope market that is capable of transmitting the auscultation smarthphones, tablets and audio equipment. Measures beats per minute, recorded auscultation and filters the sound of the heart or lungs.

The Valencian company recently received the support of the European Commission with 50,000 euros in the first phase of SMEs calls. However, in the second phase could receive a grant of between half a million and two and a half million euros to ‘address the operating internationally device’.

‘eKuore Pro’ will be released in the fourth quarter with a presentation on the main European health fair MEDICA in Duesseldorf. He was one of the winners of the first edition of ‘shuttle’, then it has captured a financing round bottom BSF and has had the support of Finova to receive the support of the European Commission, which maintains the call for SMEs open until September 17th.

“eKuore is a good example of what the Spanish companies can do with the help of accelerators such as Finnova that open doors in Europe to investors and funding for their projects,” says the CEO of Finnova, Juan Manuel Revuelta.

eKuore executive director, Ruben Lopez, said that “the funding received is an important support, beyond economics, innovation and technological challenge posed eKuore Pro and what contributes to health medical field. “