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European Chemicals Agency ( ECHA )

What is ECHA?

The European Chemicals Agency, located in Helsinki, Finland was created to manage the technical, scientific and administrative aspects of Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).
These REACH processes are designed to provide additional information on chemicals, to ensure their safe use, and to ensure competitiveness of the European industry.

What is the mission of the ECHA?
• Manage and carry out technical, scientific and administrative aspects of REACH
• Ensure consistency at Community level in relation to these aspects
• Provide the Member States and the institutions of the Community with the best possible scientific and technical advice on questions relating to chemicals which fall under REACH
• Manage IT based guidance documents, tools and data bases
• Support national helpdesk and run a helpdesk for registrants
• Make information on chemicals publicly accessible
In its decision-making the Agency will take the best available scientific and technical data and socio-economic information into account. It will also provide information on chemicals and technical and scientific advice. By assessing and approving testing proposals, the Agency will minimize animal testing.

What can the ECHA website offer you?

The ECHA website is a single point of entry for all information on REACH. It provides access to technical guidance, frequently asked questions (FAQs), software tools and helpdesks. Here you will also find the latest updates on guidance, tools, data on chemicals and the Regulation.

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