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Essex Industries, Inc.

Essex is a leader in liquid oxygen life support equipment

Backpack Medical Oxygen System Fill Station (BMOS-FS) filling a BMOS



Saint Louis, Missouri - Essex Industries entered the cryogenics market in 1963 with a line of liquid oxygen (LOX) converters designed to store gaseous oxygen as a liquid, and then expand it into clean, breathable oxygen as needed for pilots and crew of military fighter/transport aircraft. Essex has become the leader in liquid oxygen life support equipment, having delivered over 80,000 new LOX systems for military/commercial applications.

In the 1980’s Essex took the attributes of LOX and designed a system that provided therapeutic oxygen for wounded soldiers transported via aircraft to military hospitals. Today, this product has developed into the NPTLOX – Next Generation Portable Oxygen System—with the capability for six patients to receive oxygen at the same time while in transport.

Recognizing that additional medical oxygen support was needed in combat, Essex coordinated with Special Operations Medics to design the Backpack Medical Oxygen System (BMOS). This lightweight unit can be carried or worn by parachutists and ground support personnel to provide immediate oxygen to the wounded. Essex also designed a special filling station (BMOS-FS) to support the BMOS.

In 2010, Essex assembled a complete Battlefield Oxygen Sustainment System (BOSS) as part of the USAF Guardian Angels Integrated Oxygen System. Today, the BOSS provides a medevac team with equipment that works together to deliver oxygen to the patient on the ground (BMOS, Backpack Medical Oxygen System) and during transport (MMOS, Mounted Medical Oxygen System). The BOSS also includes the BMOS Filling Station, which can be used to refill

both the BMOS and the MMOS, as well as the Oxygen Generator and Liquefier (OGL), which is designed to produce liquid oxygen and refill other Essex LOX equipment.

Liquid oxygen systems provide several advantages over gaseous systems in these military applications. Liquid oxygen increases in volume 860 times as it converts from a liquid to a gas. That means a smaller amount of LOX will produce a large volume of gas, eliminating heavy gas storage cylinders. This saves both weight and space on the aircraft and results in portable units that are easier to carry without sacrificing capability. LOX systems also have low operating pressures, less than 100 psi, which increase their safety factor especially in battlefield situations.

The technology developed for military LOX systems has led Essex to similar advancements in the commercial medevac marketplace. Essex LOX systems are currently on 80% of the winged and rotary platforms that provide aeromedical transport from an accident scene to the medical center. The reduced weight of a LOX system versus a high-pressure gas cylinder on the aircraft is a key benefit in these applications.

The result of Essex’ design and engineering efforts provides for the extended and reliable availability of medical oxygen wherever it is needed.

Essex Industries is a leading supplier to the Aerospace and Defense market, providing platform controls, aircraft components and liquid oxygen systems for life support and ground support systems.


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