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Esogetic Medicine according to Peter Mandel

Esogetic Holistic Medicine according to Peter Mandel Esogetic Medicine is a self-contained complementary healing system, which originated from new ways of thinking and associating. Its unique information/energy diagnostic creates the base for entirely new approaches to therapy. Esogetic Medicine is the result of empirical research by its founder.

Peter Mandel and the compilation of insights from energy healing, science and philosophy. In all of it Peter Mandel has always been intrigued by the translation of the insights into futuristic information/energy evaluation and energy healing consequences, which he is recognized for worldwide.

The development of the Energy Emission Analysis, or EEA, by Peter Mandel has been trailblazing. It was preceded by developing Kirlian photography further. With utmost diligence - more than 5 million pictures have been analyzed up to now - Peter Mandel researched the radiation phenomena visible on the photographic paper. As a result he gained incredible and previously impossible energy insights into the human individual. Body, mind and spirit became tangible. Please note: substitute for proper clinical testing with a licensed medical practitioner. Rather, Kirlian EEA provides a detailed informational/energetic diagnosis that can reveal the background and causal chain related to a patient's present complaint situation, in conjunction with appropriate clinical tests. This causal chain may then be holistically treatable by means of appropriate holistic therapies developed by Peter Mandel.

Peter Mandel is President of the German Kirlian society, received an honorary doctorate of Medicina Alternativa in Alma Ata and is an honorary member of the Academy for Holistic Medicine of the Grieshaber Foundation in Schiltach/ Schwarzwald.

How may you benefit from Esogetic Holistic Medicine and the listed seminars?

In a unique visual differential-screening, which enables you to delineate the influences and effects of matter (body), energy (soul) and information (spirit). That means you have the causal chain, which lead to the present condition, in front of your eyes in the form of your patient's individual chronology!

In more than 200 innovative and futuristic therapeutic systems and holistic treatment modalities, which enable you to break through the very subtle and individual modes of operation, catalyzing a lasting change of the patient's structure on all three levels - and thus supporting the natural healing process of the body.