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Eradicating Duplicate Data: Automatic Attendance Recording and Bedside Staff Identification

The time nurses spend at the bedside of patients and the personnel ID number have to be manually entered into different devices to record the services rendered so they can be billed accordingly. The nurse call system can automatically record this data and make it available for billing.

In standard nurse call systems the assistance of a member of staff is recorded as soon as the room is entered. The system then knows that all information which is of importance to that person, e.g. calls etc., have to be forwarded to this room.

The new ZETTLER® Medicall® 800 feature “Bedside Attendance“ can pin-point exactly which nurse attended to which patient. The system not only records the time spent with the patient, but also identifies which nurse was there.

This data is then collected in an SQL database on a central server. External billing systems and tools can access this information and update their own data.
Automatic bedside attendance can also be used by wards and external service providers in hospitals even if they are not connected to Medicall® 800. Conventional phones are connected to the communication system via a telco interface. Calls can then be made to a specific nurse. This nurse then speaks through the intercom feature of the Medicall® 800 room terminal, which has recorded the nurse’s attendance.
Callers can either dial-in with a code number or use a voice recognition dialogue.

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