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Epiglu® - Adhesion Instead Of Sutures Or Clamps

Epiglu® - the proven Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate adhesive for medical and dental application in more than 14 years. Epiglu® polymerizes quickly, adheres long-lasting, has a shelf life of 3 years – if stored under the proper conditions – and stands out due to its economic prize.

The Single Dose Dosettes with 0.3 ml contents are very easy to apply. Due to the slip-on dispensing pipettes it is possible to apply the adhesive exactly and smooth it out thinly.

Epiglu® is not only suitable for the closure of fresh cuts, incisions and lacerations but also for the stabilization of wounds which were already treated with sutures. It can also be used for the adhesion of skin meshes or skin substitute foils. Epiglu® is the ideal companion for work, sports or vacations. After an injury at their hands, physicians and medical staff are able to wear treatment gloves immediately after the treatment with Epiglu® without having an annoying band-aid.

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