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Red Bag Solutions, Inc.

Environmental Solution to Dispose Infectious Medical Waste

Adventist Medical Center Commits to Environmental Solution to Dispose of its Infectious Medical Waste Using Red Bag Solutions On-Site Technology

Baltimore, MD: Red Bag Solutions, which has installed its patented technology throughout the world, just entered the Portland community by installing its medical waste destruction technology at Adventist Medical Center (AMC).

Red Bag Solutions transforms infectious medical waste into a sterilized, confetti-like material reducing the volume up to 90% within 30 minutes. The processed waste can then be disposed as ordinary municipal trash into facility’s dumpster.

As seen from the photos below, infectious material is ground up into unrecognizable particles that become confetti-like, sterile, non sharp or hazardous, therefore can be disposed of in any municipal landfill without risk to community workers, residents or hospital workers.

Unlike other approaches to handling medical waste, Red Bag’s system generates no unpleasant odors, excessive noise or harmful emissions, and requires only 250 square feet with 9 foot ceilings when operational.

Some of the unique features of the Red Bag technology are:
• Ability to process sharps containers and their contents allowing for the plastic and other contents to be recycled.
• Avoids the transport of bio-hazardous waste through the community avoiding potential leaks, spills or smells along the road way.
• Remote monitoring of the equipment 24/7 allows for maximum safety, equipment optimization, and technical support.
• All paper and electronic patient and confidential records/media can be destroyed to ensure absolute compliance with strict HIPAA regulations

“Adventist Medical Center has continuously sought products and equipment that provides the best environmental and cost advantage for our organization. With the Red Bag Solution technology, both objectives have been met,” said AMC’s Ron Benfield, Chief Operating Officer.

Red Bag Solutions’ Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Bill Norton stated: “Our Company is excited to enter the Oregon market and to collaborate with the fantastic group of professionals at Adventist Medical Center. We look forward to a long and mutually productive relationship which will be geared to reducing non patient related costs while providing a superior environmental process”.

“Adventist’s assessment team felt that Red Bag Solutions offered a unique and fully integrated turnkey approach which addressed safety, cost, staff and community priorities for our hospital” said Myron Kruse, AMC’s Director of Materials Management.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Red Bag Solutions is an environmentally-conscious company whose steam and water-based technology addresses two primary markets: disposal of infectious medical waste and the destruction of confidential media.

For more information, call 410-524-4245 or visit the website at http://www.redbag.com