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Environment is also our concern for automatic doors

Energy saving is in everyone’s mind. In a changing building industry in which new construction rules are being imposed to improve the energy performance of buildings, Portalp is relying on its know-how and expertise to offer innovative thermal break doors meeting the highest thermal requirements.

With a thermal conductivity of 2W/m².K, automatic doors now provide an optimal comfort in summer or winter and reduce your energy bills. Their thermal performances are based on the interaction of essential components with thermal bridge break and isolating glazing with low thermal transmission coefficient. If glass shows trends in current buildings such as glazed façades, the automatic doors meet two objectives: to let the maximum natural light enter the building while optimizing thermal insulation.

Low energy operators, door opening width and speed optimisation, airtight peripheral leaves to limit the air loss from the building, insulating glass…Environmental issues are everywhere in Portalp product designs.