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Enjoy your leisure time with Tumboroller! - Looking for distributors

The amphibious wheelchair Tumboroller is perfect for the leisure or holiday time because it helps disabled people to enjoy the beach, river, pools and campgrounds. It is very versatile as it can be used in different areas.

The flotation systems helps to stabilize the Tumboroller when it is submerged in water.What's more two support stands can be added in order to make the transfer easy.

What are the attractive features that Tumboroller has?

Light & Compact
Tumboroller is very light and compact and can be easily transported in your car.

It is very easy to store and its extra accessories are removable,  which simplify the logistic.

Easy to clean
The fabric is made of a durable nautical fabric. This type of fabric is suitable for marine water and  can be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Discreet appearance
Our customers told us  that one of the best feature of Tumboroller is its discreet appearance.
They feel more comfortable as it looks like a beach launcher.

Customizing option
Tumboroller can be customized with your company logo.

If you are interested in the product, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for distributors!

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