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Devlin Electronics Ltd.

Enhanced, Improved & On The Move: Devlin Upgrade all Mobile Computing Carts

Mobile Computing Cart in use During Ward Rounds

Devlin can announce the completion of a project, following on from user feedback, to upgrade their entire range of mobile computer carts – designed for medical applications. The new carts are now ready to do the rounds in better shape than ever.

Devlin have been supplying medical computing equipment since 2004 and in this time have developed some very close working relationships with hospitals around the UK & Europe. This close relationships means Devlin are able to monitor and receive feedback on how products are working in “real world” situations.

The latest round of feedback received has allowed Devlin to work on three key improvements that are being rolled out to all cart models. All carts will now feature a new central height adjustable gas strut – the new strut is an improvement on the previous one as it provides a more stable work surface with no “bounce” at any working height. Devlin have also re-designed the wheel base which was already quite unique as it features some of the largest and most manoeuvrable wheels on the market. The wheelbase has been made even more rugged and should eliminate the risk of damage from impact. The final improvement is the use of a new steel worktop rather than aluminium which is also designed to make the carts more durable.

Devlin are also beginning to release new variants of their carts which designed for a range of different situations including; tables PC’s, basic laptop use and semi-mobile applications. Throughout this year Devlin have also undertaken several custom design projects – taking their standard carts and integrating additional equipment and functionality for specific user requirements.

“Manufacturing all the elements of the carts ourselves means we can have complete flexibility over the design, allowing us to quickly follow-up on user feedback, as we have done here” states Devlin Group Managing Director, Martin Baker. “This control also means we can undertake custom design projects for a hospital specific requirement – something you will not find with many cart companies where they would rather sell a standard product that doesn’t fully meet your requirement. We offer a range of standard products but these are frequently just a starting point for a custom design.”