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England’s East Midlands – An Innovative Region

England’s East Midlands has an enviable reputation as a first-class location for innovative businesses.

The jet engine, Ibuprofen, DNA fingerprinting and the MRI scanner are just some of the notable inventions which were created in this region.

Competitive, central, cost-effective and well connected, the East Midlands combines a vibrant business community with great places to live. It has excellent connections to the UK and Europe – and is home to world renowned international businesses such as Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Alliance-Boots, Astra-Zeneca and Bombardier.

Based around the cities of Nottingham, Leicester,Derby, Lincoln and Northampton, the East Midlands is developing an environment where innovative businesses can thrive and benefit from shared resources, knowledge and expertise.

Innovation is all about the exploitation of new ideas. In today’s fast moving and ever changing world, companies need to be able to adapt to change and take advantage of opportunities more quickly than competitors.

Nowhere is better equipped to help companies bring their innovative ideas to life than England’s East Midlands, the ideal region for businesses to relocate and innovate.

An innovative business environment England’s East Midlands has major strengths in a wide range of business sectors. East Midlands Development Agency (emda) is responsible for economic development in the region and is investing heavily to ensure that businesses relocating to the area can develop innovative ideas and maximise their potential for growth.

To achieve this, emda has established East Midlands Innovation, a regional science and industry council comprising senior representatives from businesses and universities, who are guiding the region through their Innovation Strategy and Action Plan.

As part of this strategy over £20 million is being invested by emda and its partners to establish and develop innovation networks (iNets) in the East Midlands. This money is being used for a range of activities, including the establishment of teams of experts to help businesses; the provision of grants for companies to explore ideas; enabling collaborations with universities and also the creation of facilities for businesses involved in the iNets.

The iNets are based on the principle that through sharing expertise, knowledge and ideas, businesses will develop, grow and become more innovative.

This will in turn enable them to develop new services, products and processes which will give them a competitive edge.

The iNets are being established in the key sectors of:

  • Healthcare and bioscience
  • Food and drink
  • Sustainable construction
  • Transport equipment

    The iNets utilise the expertise of stakeholders, including universities and colleges, industry bodies and other organisations which together can provide businesses with the expertise, support and resources they require.

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