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Endocavity Gemstone Collection™

The Gemstone Collection™ is comprised of our most popular multi-probe disposable endocavity needle guides. These colorful guides attach securely to the probe with ease. The wide set funnel and clear body allow for precise needle placement while the smooth profile ensures ultimate patient comfort.

Gemstone Collection™ Needle Guides

  • Sapphire™ Endocavity Needle Guide
    Fits: Alpinion EN3-10, Samsung-Medison EV4-9/10ED, ER4-9/10ED, EC4-9, EVN4-9, EV4-9, ER4-9, Prosonic EC10R, Philips C9-4EC, and Ultrasonix EC9-5/10

  • Emerald™ Endocavity Needle Guide
    Fits: Esaote EC123, EC1123, SE3123, TRT12, IVT12, GE IC5-9-RS, Siemens BE9-4, Philips E6509, Samsung-Medison BCC4-9, Pie Medical C7-4R8TRD, and Terason 8EC

  • Aquamarine™ Endocavity Needle Guide
    Fits: Mindray EV6.5 MHZ/R10, 6CV1, 6CV1S, 65EC10EA, 65EC10HA, V10-4, V10-4S, V11-3E, Esaote E8-5 R10, International Biomedical E717, Kretz PB-ER4-9ES, Samsung-Medison EC4-9IS, EC4-9ES, 10R EV/140D, Supersonic Imagine SE12-3, Siemens 6.5 EC10, EC7, EC9-4 (SONOLINE G20™, G50S™ & ACUSON X500™ Ultrasound Systems) EV9-4 (ACUSON X500™ Ultrasound System), Terason 8EC4(V), Vermon E710, and Zonare E9-3

  • New! Ruby™ Endocavity Needle Guide
    Fits: Toshiba PVF-621VT, PVF-641VT, PVF-651VT, PVG-601V, PVM-651VT, PVN-661VT, PVT-661VT, PVQ-641V, and Siemens EC9-4 (ACUSON S2000™ & SONOLINE ANTARES™ ultrasound systems)