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Bieffe Italia s.r.l. Weiko

Emergency and Therapy Karts

THE BIEFFE ITALIA/ WEIKO'S EMERGENCY KARTS and THERAPY KARTS  are the result of a close and intensive cooperation between the operators specifically devoted to the emergency activities or to the therapy actvities and our very expert and creative engineers .

The field tests have largely demonstate the very STRONG STTRUCTURE ,  as they are composed only of anodized aluminium, oven-fired  epoxy  powder coated steel sheets  and special mixture of copolymers.  

Plastic components totally abolished as they can easily be damaged and weakens the carts reducing their useful life. 

A great range of optionals enreachs the performances of these Karts. 

The emergency end therapy Karts are  produced in COMPACT VERSION and MEDIUM VERSION.