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Electroacupuncture / Needle Stimulator AS SUPER 4 digital helps to augment acupuncture treatment

Electroacupuncture / Acupuncture Needle Stimulation: AS SUPER 4 digital helps to augment acupuncture treatment

The stimulation of acupuncture needles by means of pulsating electrical current is a relatively young technique in the history of acupuncture. It substitutes tedious and often traumatic manual stimulation, and provides a defined and continuous stimulation of the needles even for a prolonged use of higher frequencies with every desired intensity rate. It helps to save treatment time for the patient and the acupuncturist, who is able to attend more than one patient at a time.
AS SUPER 4 digital belongs to the new generation of electric needle stimulators. It provides acupuncture needle stimulation with the help of highest technology. A variety of fixed therapeutic programmes, most importantly including the HAN-Stimulation for pain therapy, as well as the possibility to choose your own preferred parameters, makes acupuncturist and patient benefit from electroacupuncture from the very beginning.
From 1960 on, electroacupuncture has been effectively used in anaesthesia and gained worldwide interest. Since then it has been studied for a variety of conditions, and today is used for all acupuncture indications. It is extremely helpful for all very acute conditions as well as for chronic indications, especially if they require long lasting treatment as for example some neurological diseases.
Quite often several needles have to be stimulated at the same time. AS SUPER 4 digital offers 4 channels which provides the acupuncturist simultaneous stimulation of up to eight needles. For each channel separate parameters can be selected. A special, so called “AKS circuit” protects the skin and helps to perform a patient-friendly and atraumatic needle stimulation.
schwa-medico has been developing, manufacturing and distributing products in the field of acupuncture, electrotherapy, rehabilitation and pain management for 35 years. schwa-medico is a German company with branches in several European countries. The company has an outstanding knowledge and experience concerning acupuncture and its needs.
For more information on the acupuncture needle stimulator AS SUPER 4 digital feel free to consult the schwa-medico following website at www.schwa-medico.com or visit us during MEDICA 2010 in Hall 4 at booth J06.